Gallo Rosso Italian Steakhouse offers premium cut steaks, fresh seafood of the day , and house made specialty pastas. Serving you with Italian hospitality.



Selection of imported & cured meat and cheese

BURRATA & Prosciutto     $24.00
Creamy burrata with aged, sliced prosciutto

Calamari al Vapore     $23.00
Steamed calamari in a spicy tomato broth

Carpaccio Di Manzo     $24.00
Beef carpaccio with fontina cheese truffle sauce & shaved parmigiano

Polipo E Baccala     $24.00
Mix of octopus and salted cod fish with fingerling potatoes, lightly steamed with a roasted tomato dressing

Hot Seafood Platter     $125.00
Lobster, scallops, calamari, prawn, mussels & clams with a lemon garlic white wine herb butter and crostini bread

Mozzarella Fumicata Ala Griglia     $$22.00
Grilled smoked mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and basil sauce


Insalata di Cesare     $15.00
Caesar salad with Romaine, Homemade croutons. Caesar dressing with romaine, homemade croutons, Caesar dressing, yes it has anchovies    

Wedge Salad     $16.00
Iceberg lettuce, blue cheese crumble, blue cheese dressing, beef bacon, cherry tomatoes & lavash cracker


Risotto Al Nero Di Sepia     $35.00
Black squid ink, calamari & shrimp

Spaghetti Vongole E Bottarga     $34.00
Cherry tomato, clams and dry shaved red mullet caviar

Spaghetti con Aragosta     $55.00
Light tomato sauce and whole lobster

Ziti Alla Genovese     $32.00
Short tube pasta with braised beef in a brown onion sauce

Pappardelle Al Cinghiale     $32.00
Braised wild boar ragu

Gnocchi Con Crema Di Tartufo     $34.00
Potato dumplings with truffle cream
Add lobster


Carne e pesce

8 oz. Beef Tenderloin Wellington     $57.00
wrapped with prosciutto, a pate of mushrooms, enclosed within a pastry puff

16 oz. Ribeye bone-in, USDA Prime      $58.00

12 oz. New York boneless USDA Prime     $55.00

32 oz. Fiorentina Angus Beef     $85.00

14 oz. Veal Chop     $58.00

Colorado Lamb Chops     $52.00

Fresh Canadian lobster with calamari, clams, shrimp, scallops, mussels, in a lightly spicy tomato broth

Fantasia Di Carne     $60.00
Combination of Lamb chop, pork sausage, petit sliced tenderloin with a garlic herb sauce

Peppercorn, red wine demi-glace, or truffle mushroom cream sauce
Drawn butter
(Your choice with selected steak entrée)

Add on to your steak:     MP
Fresh Canadian Lobster (Half or whole)


Cannoli Cake     $12.00
Sponge cake with cannoli filling, pistachio, chocolate & drizzle of rum

Tiramisu     $12.00
Lady fingers soaked  in espresso, mascarpone cream topped with chocolate.

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse     $12.00
Chocolate mousse with a crunchie cookie inside

Gelato Semifredo     $12.00   
Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso, hazelnut and chocolate topping

Sides/ contorni

Creamed Spinach     $12.00
Prepared with cream, butter, shallots and parmigiano

Steamed Asparagus     $8.00
with garlic butter sauce

Sauteed Spinach     $8.00
with garlic and olive oil

Forest Mushrooms     $10.00
sautéed mushroom with garlic, herbs & olive oil

Truffle Fries     $8.00

Mashed Potato     $10.00
Creamy buttered mashed potato

Sourdough Bread 9oz.     $5.00

Gnocchi Truffle     $14.00
With fontina cream sauce

Penne Pomodoro      $12.00
tomato and basil

Our Chef and Staff

With 20 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chef is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff make sure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Dine In or Take Out

We have worked to package our meals in a way that lets you bring the quality of our meals into your home. We always love to see you in person, but even when we can’t we ensure that your dining experience is top notch!

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. No matter what time of year, you can be sure you’re eating the best of the season.


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